Trade in Forex, the biggest global financial market

As the biggest international financial market, Forex—also referred to as FX or the “foreign exchange market—sees investors and institutions trading approximately $6.5 trillion daily on the forex markets.

Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market is an international exchange for trading one nation’s currency versus another. Price fluctuations in currency exchange rates are a core focus for forex traders. Instead of setting a currency’s value, the forex market determines the value of one currency in relation to another. Trades can be placed virtually on any major currency against another currency. Speculation is a key part of the forex market. For example, traders could place a trade that speculates the price of the U.S. Dollar versus the Japanese Yen.

For the most part, multinational corporations spearhead the bulk of forex trading in order to hedge natural positions, with individual investors speculating on how currencies will move.

Speculating in Forex

There are a number of key points to consider regarding Forex. Forex trades are used by global corporations to hedge currency risk from foreign transactions. Professional traders speculate on geopolitical events which may affect currency movement, and diversify their portfolios through technical and fundamental analysis.

Major players in the foreign exchange market include financial institutions, commercial and central banks, money managers, and hedge funds. Individual or retail traders represent the minority of the Forex volume, mainly speculating and trading via online platforms.


There are now 100s of cryptocurrencies or Altcoins. The most popular and established include:


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Forex, FX or the foreign exchange market, is the biggest financial market globally, where investors and institutions trade around $6.5 trillion each day on...