Preserve your wealth with a robust fixed income portfolio

A fixed income investment strategy is ideal for investors looking to build a strong portfolio focused on inflation-beating returns. Our strategy is underpinned by bonds, securitised notes and other income-driven assets that deliver regular returns with a 100% return of capital on the maturity of the instrument.

What is a fixed income investment strategy?

A fixed income investment strategy is entirely focused on the preservation of capital and income. This strategy typically comprises money market funds, securitised loan notes, and government and/or corporate bonds. Investors get to enjoy a regular income stream with a lower risk level, as opposed to stocks and shares. Depending on your financial objectives, this approach can provide a host of attractive returns and advantages.


The benefits of fixed income assets


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Building a robust fixed income portfolio is essential to preserving wealth. This investment strategy focuses on inflation-beating returns underpinned through bonds...


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